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An internist is a primary care physician who treats adult patients and performs a range of services depending on the patient’s needs. Some patients require preventive medicine through routine physical exams. These are an essential type of doctor’s visit where your internist will listen to any of your health concerns and listen in a nonjudgmental way. It’s important for you as the patient to be 100% open with your doctor by telling them of your lifestyle habits, including diet, sexual health, alcohol intake, smoking or drug use, and exercise regimen.

Our Dallas annual physical exams will give you the tools you need to ensure your long-term health and wellness. Contact us today!

What Happens During a Physical Exam?

During a physical exam, your internist will check your vital signs – weight, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and more, to get a clear picture of your overall health. Even before you can notice any symptoms, your internist will check for signs of disease by performing specific health screenings. Some commonly screened conditions include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and various forms of cancer. We are your partner in wellness and health maintenance, developing a plan of action to get you healthy and maintain your wellness for the years ahead.

Will My Internist Coordinate with Any Specialists I See?

An internist is the central point of contact for all doctors you see. They refer patients and coordinate care with other medical specialists to develop a collaborative plan of action focused on your overall wellness.

Your internist can consult with other internal medicine subspecialists, including doctors who specialize in:

  • Kidney disease
  • Blood disease
  • Cancer
  • Lung disease
  • Bodily hormones
  • Digestive tract conditions
  • Heart disease
  • And more

Benefits of Having an Internist Handle Your Annual Physical Exams

Having an internist handle your annual physical exams can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Comprehensive evaluation: Internists are trained to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your health, including a review of your medical history, family history, and current health status. This can help identify any potential health concerns and ensure that appropriate preventive measures are taken.

  2. Coordination of care: Internists can coordinate care with other specialists and healthcare providers, ensuring that you receive comprehensive and integrated healthcare services.

  3. Personalized care: Internists can provide personalized care tailored to your specific needs and health goals, taking into account your lifestyle, preferences, and medical history.

  4. Early detection of health problems: Internists can identify health problems early, when they are easier to treat and manage, through regular screening tests and physical exams.

  5. Long-term relationship: Building a long-term relationship with an internist can provide continuity of care and help ensure that your healthcare needs are consistently met over time.

Overall, having our Dallas internists handle your annual physical exams can help you maintain optimal health and well-being by providing comprehensive and personalized care.

Contact Us for a Dallas Physical Exam at Hillcrest Internal Medicine

At Hillcrest Internal Medicine, we’re concerned about your overall health and wellness and promote preventive screenings through yearly physical exams. We can collaborate care and treatment for patients who have cancer or diseases of the respiratory, heart, and vascular systems.

To reach Hillcrest Internal Medicine or to book a Dallas physical exam or checkup, please call (469) 830-9600 or contact us online.

Patient Reviews

  • “I am completely satisfied with Dr. Hawkins as my Primary Care Physician. She is an excellent and very intelligent Doctor. I definitely recommend her.”

    - Wilma J.
  • “I highly recommend Dr. Stock. She truly listens to your concerns and her follow up has been excellent. She really cares for patients and people in general.”

    - Mary H.
  • “Dr. Stock is an amazing doctor! She cares about her patients, I have referred a couple of friends and both have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Stock.”

    - Evelyn O.

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